Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Road

If you haven't already heard, the paved road in Sabino Canyon will stay open dawn to dusk. Whoo hoo! Stick to the paved road, though, people. Trails, paths, lanes - anything and everything dirt - those are closed. Closed to you and to me. We don't want to lose the privilege of being on the road because someone thinks the trail closure doesn't apply to him/her. No one likes this, but no one wants to see one of these in the canyon again, either.

Photo by Angie Perryman
Angie writes: The photo was taken the morning after the riparian area fire in Sabino Canyon in April. There were still fire hoses stretched across the dam. This was the splitter valve that connected the main fire hose to two additional hoses going into the riparian area east of the lake.

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