Monday, November 21, 2011

Arundo Slayers!!

Arundo Slayers on the hunt

Tools of the trade and Forest Service transportation

Velvet Mesquite making a comeback!

Arizona Black Walnut making a comeback!

Sabino Creek today

Text by Mark Hengesbaugh: 
Several hundred Sabino-loving volunteers worked more than 6,000 hours to rescue the creek’s habitat from the Giant Reed (Arundo donax) infestation. Local naturalists have cataloged more than 45 plant species returning to areas once dominated by Arundo. Up and down Sabino Creek, walnut, mesquite, sycamore, willow, ash and cottonwood saplings are returning along with Datura and other native plants. But the fight is not over. Many Arundo rhizomes (roots) are still viable and shoots continue to pop up and grow quickly. The U.S. Forest Service must continue to treat the Arundo multiple times each year for at least the next 5 years.

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