Friday, November 18, 2011

BioBlitz Booth

Thought these photos deserved a wider audience! All from BioBlitz 'Base Camp', Friday, 10/21/11.

Booth Babes: Anne, Carol, Angie, Marge
Photo by Tom Skinner
A rare time slow time! Maribeth, Carol, Student at BioBlitz U, Don, Anne
Photo by Marge Kesler

Angie with a Mountain Kingsnake (from the booth next door)
Photo by Marge 
Anne tries to out fox the kids
Photo by Angie Perryman
Marge manages the mob
Photo by Angie
Busted for being the best BioBlitz booth
Photo by Marge
Tomorrow's post begins a three-day series by one of your favorite guest bloggers. Stay tuned. 

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