Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shrike and Pike

Both Photos by Ned Harris, 11/12/11

Ned writes: 
Linda and I went birding with Mark and Jean yesterday (11/12/11) down in Cochise county. I turned down one of my favorite dirt roads looking for wintering raptors. I spotted something that looked like a small hummingbird perched on a barbed wire fence. Closer inspection showed it to be a grasshopper. We all got out of the car and soon noticed a dozen or more insects all impaled along a small section of the fence. I soon concluded this was the work of a "Butcher Bird". Loggerhead Shrikes often impale their prey on sharp twigs, thorns or barbed wire for later consumption. This behavior has earned them the nickname "Butcher Bird". Loggerhead Shrikes are found at Sabino. Jean and I have both seen them there.

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