Thursday, January 17, 2013

CSI Sabino Dam II: Teeth, Eyes, Ribs

Photos by Mark Hengesbaugh

Ronnie writes: 
When I first looked at [the photo above], I thought I was looking at a lot of animal carcass, brownish fur, etc. I knew I was looking at a carnivore by the canine, zygomatic arch, and eye socket, but without size, I thought it might be a cat, raccoon, or ringtail.

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With [this photo], I could see that the skull was a very small carnivore because of the finger for scale. But I worried that the finger might be closer to the camera and just look larger. The finger is touching ribs, and the hind foot above it does show 'good' mammal claws.
I could also see that there were teeth behind the canine lined up in a way that made me think of weasels, but the left and right tooth rows run together in the view that is presented.
Tomorrow's post: Size matters

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