Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mountain Lion Sighting 1/29/2013

Nancy and Jay spotted a mountain lion crossing the tram road on the morning of 1/29/2013. The lion made his or her way into the Cactus Picnic Area (where SCVN was setting up for the Kindergarten program).
Jay made this short video. (Lion is larger than s/he appears).
Nancy and Jay immediately alerted the naturalists and the Forest Service, of course; and no children were harmed. All bets are off for any nearby deer.
Pam Bridgmon deserves special mention. She was one of the naturalists on site; she immediately contacted the Santa Catalina Volunteer Patrol. By the time the kindergarten children arrived, 5 members of the patrol were on hand to make sure the children remained safe.

Remember: if you encounter a mountain lion, DO NOT RUN! Make yourself look bigger by opening your jacket or spreading your arms. Maintain visual contact. Back away slowly. Make noise. If the lion approaches, throw whatever you have to hand. If attacked, fight back with all you've got.

Still from video by Jay Carey 1/29/2013

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