Monday, January 21, 2013

Leucistic Hummingbird

Photos by Dr. Karen McWhirter 1/13/2013

Dr. Karen writes:
This hummer was first seen in my yard last year. According to Elissa Fazio [of the Hummingbird Monitoring Network], leucistic hummers are usually female, and this is most likely an Anna's. They apparently are not as strong as normal hummers, and are less likely to survive migration, so we were happy to see it at our feeder again a few days ago. She sat there long enough for us to get photos, and I realized it was probably because she was trying to nectar off of a popsicle!

Note from Anne:  Have photos of Sabino Canyon 'life' to share? Send them to me and I'll make every effort to post them here. I'm the only one who can post, as it's my blog : -)

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