Sunday, March 3, 2013

A peel

I see trash. And am compelled to pick it up. I'd like you to join me in this effort.
Particularly persistent and troublesome are orange peels. I recently hiked Blackett's Ridge and found orange peels every few feet, like a trail for Hansel and Gretel.
Yes, I know they are 'natural' (whatever that means), but so is buffelgrass, and we don't want that around.
Yes, I know they'll 'biodegrade' - all organic stuff will eventually - but in the case of peels, the 'eventually' is years, if not decades, in the desert.
No, the animals won't eat them; you didn't.
Please, don't throw orange, tangerine, banana or any other peels in the canyon. Throw them in the trash or pack them out.
Don't ask, TELL others to do so as well.

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