Friday, March 29, 2013

And finally, a sun party

Photo by Elaine Padovani 3/22/2013

Elaine writes:

We have a long drain pipe under our driveway (about 100 yards long) that connects to our roof via a scupper and to additional drains in the yard. The drain system is inhabited by at least one gila monster, a scaled lizard, and a desert rattlesnake. I assume that each occupies a different pipe segment in the system but sometimes they are seen together, sunning themselves in the scupper. This is a sure sign of spring! Today [3/22/2013], the saga continues - after being displaced by the rattlesnake earlier, the gila monster came back to claim his spot in the late afternoon warmth and light!

Anne says: Thank you to all the contributors to A Week of Lizards (and bonus snake)!

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  1. Never heard of a snake and a lizard and s gila monster sharing. This is new...