Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week o' Lizards: Day 2

Photos by Marty Horowitz 3/21/2013

SCVN Marty recently completed Lizard Training (i.e., identifying lizards, not teaching them tricks) with Lizard Leaders Larry Jones and Dan Leavitt. (If you don't already have Larry's Lizard book, I say: Leapin' lizards! Order now!)
Above, portrait of Ornate Tree Lizard on rock.

Photo by Marty, Hand by Larry Jones 3/21/2013

This is an Ornate Tree Lizard, showing his spring belly blues and greens.
Unlike many mere mortals, Larry Jones is highly trained in teaching lizards new tricks. DO NOT TRY this maneuver. Unlike Larry, you'll cause harm. In fact, DO NOT even think about trying to catch lizards; they could 'lose' their tails, and the biological costs of re-growth are enormous.

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