Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mistaken Identity

The two Arizona Black Walnut (Juglans major) trees that had sprouted above the dam were wonderful examples of post-Arundo (post-Giant Reed) recovery. Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists have shown off these native trees to anyone and everyone - from elementary school kids and their parents to visitors from far and wide - since the first tree was discovered in summer 2010. You'll note my use of the past tense.
Representatives from the Forest Service, mistaking them for invasives, cut down both trees last week.
The most visible AZ Black Walnut was documented on this blog. We were keeping tabs on this tree, particularly, as it was the most photogenic; but the 2nd one had been doing well, too. If you have a photo of either tree from 2013, please send it to me.

Rot in peace, AZ Black Walnuts.

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