Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pentzia Pullers Prevail!

Photos by Debbie Bird 4/9/2013

When out hiking one fine day, I noticed this plant - and many more like it - on the Bear Canyon trail. It looked like an invasive we had pulled previously. After consulting with Joan Tedford, Debbie Bird, and the Forest Service, we set a date to remove Pentzia incana, an invasive from Africa, from several places in the recreation area.

Anne attacks with an ax.

As luck would have it, it rained a bit in the early, early morning of April 9th, and it remained cool, making it easier for the team of Debbie and Jerry Bird, Fred Heath, and Anne Green to get the job done!

Jerry and Fred survey the successful removal

If only all invasive plants were so easily dealt with! We removed 5 industrial-sized bags of Pentzia. Thanks to Debbie and Jerry for the use of their vehicle and tools, Fred for his time and expertise, and the Forest Service for more tools and bags.

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