Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brave and Mighty (that's you, Honey-Matt)

Photos by Matt Ball 5/23/2013

Long-time blog readers know that my husband is not a fan of 8-legged creatures. Nevertheless, he pointed out this Tarantula Hawk, complete with 8-legged Tarantula on our Blackett's Ridge hike. And, after I excitedly explained that Ned and I had recently made it a goal to encounter such a 'shot,' he obliged in Ned's absence. Thanks, Honey-Matt.
The TH had already stung the T. (I'm going to make an educated guess that this is a male T, who was out looking for love in the wrong place at the wrong time.) He's flipped over and paralyzed, but still alive. The female TH was rather frantically looking for the T's hole so she could drag him back there. It was so cool!!
More info, photos, and videos - not from me - available at this link and the one above.

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