Sunday, May 19, 2013

Unusual sighting

Photo by Ned Harris 5/8/2013

This is this first time I've seen a Yellow (or Golden) Columbine (Aquilegia chrysantha) in Sabino Canyon! Ned and I spotted this one (yes, only one plant) tucked under some trees in the area above the dam. It's on Joan Tedford's Plant list for Sabino Canyon, so it's been there previously, just not recently (or not that I've noticed). And it's in Frank Rose's book at the approximate level of the dam, so we're covered there, too. (Don't forget to get a copy of Frank's book for wildflower watching on Mt Lemmon, where these columbines are ubiquitous.)
One more thing: if you see people picking flowers in Sabino Canyon or on Mt Lemmon, please wrestle them to the ground, remove the flowers from their grubby hands, and tell them that every single plant is now highly toxic to them. Thank you.

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