Tuesday, May 28, 2013

'Loch' Sabino Monster Sighting!

Photo by Marty Horowitz  5/17/2013

Who is this beast, rising from the murky depths and breathing fire? Wait, that's a tongue. Whew.
This Black-necked Garter Snake is enjoying the great 'fishing' as the remaining water in the creek shrinks to tiny pools, trapping tadpoles, Gila Chub, insect larvae, and other tasty morsels; and attracting insects to the dwindling water supply.
Gayle and I saw three of these snakes enjoying the spread at Bridge 6 on 5/24/2013.

Same snake, photographer, tongue, and day

Photo by Ned Harris 5/11/2013
If we had our pattern scanner, we could tell if this is the same snake a bit earlier in the season.

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