Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blooming yellow

Photo by Ned Harris 4/27/2013

Bur Marigold (Bidens aurea). Look along the creek for these flowers on tall, thin stems. They are often in bloom (like now) when they aren't supposed to be (late summer and fall). They may look slightly different than in this photo, of course. The appearance of all living things is influenced by genetics and environment. Sometimes the variations in appearance between members of the same species are great. Take humans, for example.

Photo by Ned Harris 4/30/2014

If you've been walking along the road into Sabino Canyon, you've probably noticed the bright yellow flowers of Jackass Clover (Wislizenia refracta, now in the Cleome Family). And yes, that's really the common name! I didn't make it up :-) Feel free to use freely.

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