Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Raspberry Mount Lemmon-ade

Photo by Marty Horowitz 5/19/2014

New Mexico raspberry (Rubus neomexicanus) is in bloom on Mt Lemmon, along with a whole host of other plants. When you head up to beat the heat, remember to be VERY careful with fire. Very, very, very dry - even where things look lush and green.

More news you can use:
If you like learning about plants, join Frank S. Rose (yes, the author of Mountain Wildflowers of Southern Arizona), Joan Tedford, and other bot heads for Mount Lemmon Summer plant walks. Thursdays starting June 5 through July 10. Meet at 9 am at the Palisades Visitor Center. Bring lunch and water.

If you've got kids 8 and under (older siblings welcome, too), there's summer story time. (All children must be accompanied by an adult.) All six Thursdays from June 5 through July 10, 9-10:30 am at the Sabino Canyon visitor center. Terrific topics! Fun and friendly naturalists! Crafty projects! Air conditioning! Collect them all!

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