Friday, June 27, 2014

Chick visit

Photos by Matt Ball 6/23/2014

We knew of the well-hidden nest in the big tree beyond our back wall (because we've heard numerous warning calls and been swooped by the parents several times), but hadn't been able to see any chicks until they were big enough to really stick out. We confirmed two.
On Monday, 6/23, I noticed (was startled, actually) this one had become a fledgling. She stayed on this little table for quite a while, then flew onto another table, a chair, to the wall, to the other wall (and missed); she walked around a bit (to regain her dignity), then succeeded in flying to the wall, to the tree, to the nest. (We cheered her on from inside, of course.)

And speaking of cheering, 1000 cheers for your generous support of this blog! I am truly grateful for your contributions, your encouragement, and your kindness. I'm ready for four more years : -) (First post was 4 July 2010)

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