Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Chicks!

Photo by Alan Kearney 6/1/2014

Reports of 4 chicks in the Cooper's Hawk nest in the riparian area above the dam are confirmed by Alan's photo. Two are easy to see; one is on the far right, past the branch - part of the head is sticking out. On the 4th, you can just barely see an eye. Start with the one who's looking at the camera; draw a line from the eye next to the branch to the lower right corner of the photo. Underneath that branch, almost in the middle of the photograph, you should see a dark spot. As always, click photo for larger view.
Ned and I could only make out 2 chicks on Friday (6/6/2014), but one of the adults was in the nest, too, presumably with food.
I hope to bring you more photos as the summer progresses. Photographers, start your cameras!

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