Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Flowers and Fruits

Photo by Ned Harris 5/12/2013

Our state flower, the Saguaro blossom (pages 68 and 69 in your Naturalist's Guide to Sabino Canyon), and a pollen-covered Cactus Wren, our state bird (pg 19).

Photo by Ned Harris 6/10/2009

Soon we'll be seeing more of this sight; White-winged Doves (and many other birds) eating Saguaro fruits. This dove is the primary day-time pollinator of the saguaro flower. (Yes, I read that in A Naturalist's Guide to Sabino Canyon, pg 21.)

Photo by Ned Harris 6/23/2010

This close-up photo of the Saguaro fruit shows the hundreds of seeds in each fruit. Maybe one seed (from the entire crop) will sprout and make it into adulthood. Maybe none.

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