Monday, December 15, 2014

Seven Samuri

Story and photos from guest blogger Mark Hengesbaugh, December 9, 2014

Before  (click for larger view)



Mark writes:

On the morning of Dec. 9, seven Sabino Stewards (volunteers) made the steep trek up to Blackett’s Ridge to manually remove soft-feather pappusgrass, a fast-growing invasive from Africa that has made the approach to Blackett’s look like a wheat field.
Janis Findlay, Bruce Miller, Tim Ralph, Cindy Rupp, Tim Wernette, Connie Whippo and Mark Hengesbaugh worked three hours and removed at least a thousand invasive plants. When it was time to head down, a section of Blackett’s Ridge native plants had room to breathe again and the danger of wildfire was reduced.

Anne says: Wonderful work!

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