Friday, March 4, 2016

Jewel and Lace

Photo credits, l to r:  Matt Ball; ASDM27650 © 2010 Ted Myers; Ned Harris

Jewel Flowers are also commonly known as Silver Bells. Click on the slide. Note the four curled-back petals in the photo on the left. The flowers are actually visible with the naked eye; somewhat uncommon, for mustards. Note the fruits in the center photo - yes, they look a lot like bean pods sticking straight up. The fruit is much much larger than its flower, as is expected in the mustard family. Dozens of seeds in each fruit.

Photo credits, l to r: Matt Ball; Gene Spesard; Ned Harris

Lace Pods are my favorite mustards. The tiny, white flowers are easy to overlook and nothing to write home about, but the fruits. Wow! Again, click on the slide for larger views of the photos. The center close-up of a fruit reveals its magnificence. As we expect with mustard-family plants, the fruits are 'weird'; i.e., large and intricate, relative to the flowers that make them, and in a spiral-staircase pattern around the thin stem.
You'll want to take a closer look at these beauties.

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