Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Two for Two

Remember, you're identifying the FAMILY only, not the specific plant in that family. We're taking the first step, here. You can learn more later, if you like. 

Photo credit: © 2016 T. Beth Kinsey

Even without a clear look at the foliage (click the link above for a photo thereof), you know this is a mustard. Four-petaled flowers (borages have 5); plenty of visible and weird fruits (borages are very tiny). Shepherd's Purse is a lovely plant. And yes, you can find it in Sabino. All the plants in this presentation are found in Sabino. Without exception.

Photo credits: ©2008 Lynn Watson, Alan Kearney

Yes, this beauty is in the Borage family. Note the hairy foliage (curved stem, too) and five-part flowers.

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