Friday, October 21, 2016

Kitten in a Tree

Story and photo from Bill Kaufman 10/6/2016. Thanks, Bill!

Around 6 pm on Oct. 6, we were having dinner and I spotted something brown coming down the trunk of a large Rhus Lancia tree outside of our back patio. I immediately thought Bobcat and ran outside. We saw the mother down below the patio wall and I spotted a kitten down in the backyard. Then we noticed this little guy in the tree. The mother left and went down into the back yard. The kitten stayed in the tree all night and was still there early the next morning. However, s/he was gone later so I assume the mother came back.

I hope mom comes back soon!

Reminder from Anne: NEVER PICK UP A BOBKITTEN! As vulnerable as they may appear (and, indeed, are), their mother will reject them if they smell of human. If you move a bobkitten, you cause their death. Follow Bill's example: take a photo from a distance and leave them be!

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