Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Dozen Darling Ducklings!

(I was going to post these on mother's day, but patience is clearly not my strong suit.) These little bundles of fluff dutifully followed mom wherever she went. Carol Tornow (all photos)  and I saw them on the very windy Tuesday 5/3/11, on Bridge 6. They waddled (and blew) about halfway to bridge 5, then scurried into the water and floated downstream. A duck pair emerged from under the green at bridge 5 (where they may have a nest) and the male chased the mom away, flapping madly. The dozen peeped frantically, mom quacked relentlessly; the brood regrouped and paddled upstream.


  1. Only 11 little ones today --. And, they had some distress at bridge 7 when 2 large male ducks (geese) dive bombed into the water to chase mom.