Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giant Mesquite Bugs

Don't try this at home!
Going out on a limb.
Nothing rhymes with orange.
Come closer, my pretty. 
My best side.
I've posted about Giant Mesquite Bugs before (here and here), but they are almost too bizarre to be believed! Just look at how many instars they go through! (instars = larval stages, instar is the singular. What a cool word! Now you can talk like the big bugs.) There seems to be one party tree for these bugs now. Go soon to the area directly below the dam and look on the left (north) side for the big mesquite tree. Once you find it, look up.
All photos above taken by Ned Harris; top two 5/4/11; next three 5/11/11. Thanks to Carol Tornow for bringing the bugs a bit closer to the lens. No bugs were folded, spindled, or mutilated during these photo sessions. One was very carefully moved, though, branch and all.

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