Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pollinators Plus

Photo by Ned Harris
The next hummingbird banding in Sabino Canyon is Saturday, May 14, sunrise plus 5 hours. Be there by 7am for the best viewing. [My recommendation: After school is out, take the kids and/or grandkids. Especially if they say they are bored at any point. Nothing like getting up before dawn to be able to have a hummingbird placed in your hand. And I can pretty much guarantee they'll never say they are bored again ;-) ]

Banding at the Mt Lemmon site will begin on Sunday, May 15. Volunteers are needed for these sites and for the site at Madera Canyon. Check out the schedule and volunteer wish list on pages two and three of this site. I'm certainly not the most dexterous person around, and I've done recording and feeding/releasing. It's a wonderful group of people and you'll learn a lot - and not just about hummingbirds - while enjoying the great outdoors.

On the topic of learning, Mary Pat sent me this TED video about pollinators. Some truly amazing footage (starting at about 3:20) of hummingbirds, butterflies, bats, and bees.

And finally, the 'Plus' portion of this post, namely, videos of the nano hummingbird camera. Thanks, Marty!

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