Friday, May 20, 2011

Duckling and Mesquite Bug Update

Update on the ducklings: Eight plus mom were seen at bridge 5 on 5/19/11, where they walked through the culvert (no water to speak of) and headed upstream to bridge 6. It seemed to Carol T and me that the mom expected to be fed; she came right up to the group gathered at bridge 5. If you see people feeding the ducks (or ANY non-human animal) in Sabino Canyon, please tell them to stop. Not only is it bad for the animals' health, it also encourages the mountain lions to come down lower in the canyon. The 'no-feeding' rule applies to everyone. Locals, tourists, naturalists, kids, me, and you.
The giant mesquite bugs are thick on the mesquites on the road past about bridge 4. Look for reddish clumps in the higher branches; some are at eye level, too. Thanks to Agnes for the tip of where to look. LOADS were seen on 5/20/11 by Gayle and me.

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