Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birds in Sabino Canyon

SCVN and Tucson Audubon invite you to participate in birding walks in Sabino Canyon Recreation Area on the first Saturdays of the next three months: Oct. 1, Nov. 5 and Dec. 3.
Where: Meet at the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center ramada
When: 7-11 a.m., Sat., Oct. 1; 7:30-11 a.m., Nov. 5; and 8 a.m.-12 noon, Dec. 3, 2011
What: We’ll bird a 4-mile loop in Sabino Canyon including bajada and riparian habitats
Bring: Binoculars, water, sun hat and wear walking shoes suitable for uneven paths
Leaders: Jean and Mark Hengesbaugh
If you will be joining us, please send an email to: jhhenge (at) yahoo (dot) com
If you go on Saturday, Oct 1, you'll catch the tail end of what will likely be the last hummingbird banding session this year. 
And here's a bonus amazing photo.

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