Sunday, September 11, 2011

Metamorphosis in action

All Photos by Ned Harris, hands by Anne Green, 9/8/11
Click on the photo for a larger view - and look in my left hand for the tadpole. (see the water streaming out of my hand?) These little critters are probably in the Sea of Cortez after last night's big rain. Swim on!

Not a tadpole, not quite a frog
Frogs undergo metamorphosis basically by disassembling the tadpole tail and using it to grow legs. This little one isn't quite a frog but not still a tadpole.

Finally froggy
I think these are little Red-spotted Toads. (I am [usually] grateful for enlightenment or confirmation.) There were thousands upon thousands in various stages in the creek above the dam when Carol T, Ned, and I went out on a photo shoot on Thursday, 9/8/11. As always, no critters were eaten or otherwise harmed for these photos. Thanks to Ned for super shutter speed.

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