Monday, September 12, 2011

The very hungry caterpillar

Both photos by Beryl Varno, 9/11/11
Click for larger view. I mean it. 
Gayle and I saw Beryl and two friends inspecting a Desert Cotton plant along the road in Sabino Canyon on Sunday morning - and we sure are glad we stopped. Beryl - a member of the SCVN class of 2011 - was photographing this magnificent creepy crawly. I'd say a good 4 inches long, at least, and thicker than a pencil. Beryl graciously agreed to share these photos (and others she took today. Stay tuned.) Googling 'caterpillar' and 'cotton' brought me to the ever helpful bug guide, specifically:  this page. Hope you'll agree that we're looking at a Splendid Royal Moth caterpillar. This was confirmed by Carl Olson, too. Thanks, Beryl.

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