Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And you thought you were hot!

All Photos by Ned Harris 6/29/12

Same as above, other side: BBB1

Not the same as above. BBB2

These males are showing their stuff! Specifically, both have distended their dewlap (that flirty flap of skin under the chin). The only studies I could find on this behavior involve lizards in the Anole family, but I think we can reasonably assume these males are also letting us know a) that we're in their territory, and b) that they are packin' heat for the females.
Since these photos very clearly show the bars, let's have a quiz. What kind of lizard is big, bad bachelor number 1 (top 2 photos) and what kind of lizard is big, bad bachelor number 2? Answers in tomorrow's post.

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