Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rare find

Photos by Mark Hengesbaugh 7/24/2012

Actual size:  Turtle and water bottle

Mark writes:
We saw this Ornate Box Turtle today at the Bear Trailhead off the parking lot. Josh Taiz confirmed it is a box turtle. They're protected. The range maps I've checked with don't show it in Sabino, it'd be interesting to check David L[azaroff]'s Sabino species list to see if it's there. I'm submitting an observation form to the state's Box Turtle Watch.
Interesting description in the field guide Amphs and Reps in AZ: "... land turtle ... found primarily in flatlands and low valleys ... Active during the day, particularly in the mornings. Activity is often stimulated by rain. Terrestrial, but adept at swimming ... shelters in kangaroo rat burrows or self-created burrows. May live to 30 years or more in the wild. Omnivorous ... females can retain eggs for several weeks until conditions are right for nesting."

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