Monday, July 9, 2012

Lizard poop

Photo by Ned Harris 7/3/2012

Yes, that's scat from this Greater Earless lizard. Now you know.

Mark your calendar: Saturday, July 14 is the next lizard walk. Meet at the visitor center at 8am. More info below from the press release: 

Sabino Canyon has amongst the highest diversity of lizards in the United States (at least 16 species). Lizards are not only very abundant, but are also acclimated to human presence, making them fairly approachable.
Participants should meet in front of the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center at 8:00 a.m. the day of the walk. Tours range from very easy one-hour strolls near the Visitor Center and Bajada Loop Nature Trail to the more difficult “Figure 8” tour (approximately three hours) to target the maximum number of species. Many participants select something in between, such as the two- to two and one-half hour walks to the riparian area surrounding Sabino Dam. Attendees select the group they wish to join.
Restroom and drinking water facilities are available along the routes. Participants should use sunscreen, wear a hat, bring water and light snacks, and wear sensible shoes (all tours are on trails, none are very difficult). Those who own binoculars are encouraged to bring them. Some will be available for loan, but the supply is limited. All participants will receive a two by three foot color poster, “Lizards of Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.” Tours are free of charge, but the $5.00 per day or $20.00 per year standard amenity fee will not be waived for tour attendees.

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