Thursday, July 5, 2012

Could make you earless!

Photo by Nancy of AB Canada, 6/30/12
Mark writes: 
Nancy and Yvonne, two visitors from Alberta, saw this young lion just below the Bear Bridge on their way to the Phoneline trail on Sat. morning (6/30/12). They said it'd be ok for you to blog the image if you'd like.

Anne says: I like.

Photo by Ned Harris 7/3/12; Quarter for scale

Ned and I went on patrol Tuesday and ran into Granny, who gave us precise directions to mountain lion tracks that had been made that morning or the previous night. Thanks, Granny! (Linda P and I changed the hummingbird feeders on Monday and didn't see them.) There were two sets, one large (above) and one smaller. Be careful and aware out there!

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