Sunday, February 17, 2013

If you burn it, it will grow.

Photo by Mark Hengesbaugh

Text by Mark Hengesbaugh
Buffelgrass Burns in a Fast, Ferocious Fire
On the Bear Creek side of the recreation area, Buffelgrass (buff-green color) has taken over this upper slope and is quickly spreading down into to the riparian area. When this Buffelgrass burns, the inferno may hit 1600F, hot enough to melt some metals, and will reach three stories high, moving at ten miles an hour. 
You don’t need to imagine what that firestorm looks like coming at you. Click here to watch a two-minute video of an experimental Buffelgrass burn done by Saguaro National Park, Tucson Water and U of A researcher Chris McDonald (fire in mild burn conditions first minute of video, moderate conditions second minute).
For an excellent 9-minute educational video (2008) specific to Tucson's Buffelgrass problem, click here

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