Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recent Raptors

Photo by Elaine Padovani 12/06/2012
Elaine captured this juvenile Cooper's Hawk on the bird walk on 12/6/12.

Photo by Marty Horowitz 1/18/2013

Marty noticed this adult Cooper's Hawk doing a flamingo imitation. 

Terry responded to the post about Harris's Hawks

I live right on Sabino Creek just south of the bridge one crosses to begin the Phone Line Trail, where the creek hits private land. For decades, we have had a large family of Harris Hawks in the cottonwoods surrounding our back yard right on the Sabin Creek, only one hundred meters from the National Forest line.

Photo by Terry DeWald
Here is a shot of 3 of the gregarious family members in the Mesquites on Sabino Creek, the one on the lower left with a speckled breast being a juvenile.

And finally...
Seen by Carol and Walt Tornow 1/26/2013

Golden Eagles were seen by Carol and Walt as they (the eagles) soared in Sabino Canyon on 1/26/2013.

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