Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pellet for your thoughts...

Lyn Hart writes: 
Found a very fresh owl pellet here at home (1/19/2013), from our resident Great Horned hooter. I took photos of the pellet both intact and pulled apart to show its contents (luckily before I had lunch!). I know this wasn't at Sabino, of course, but I figured most people have never been lucky enough to come across one so freshly, um, hacked out. I can send you photos of it and its creator, if you think its something you would like for the blog.
I said: Whoo hoo hoot! First up, pellet intact. Photos and text by Lyn Hart.

The pellet was about 4.5 inches long and about 1.25 inches in diameter and fresh enough that it was quite soft, as were the undigested tissues. I am estimating that the owl produced it during the night and we (dogs and husband) found it the next morning. We have a Great Horned owl who spends the day in a large mesquite very near the house and the pellet was found under a fence post at the far SW corner of our property (we own about 5 acres of mostly natural desert).

Closer view of exposed bones (shoulder or pelvic girdle?)

Tomorrow: Lyn digs in for science!

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