Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's buggy out there

Photo by Fred Heath 4/23/2014

Fred sent this photo to our favorite bug expert for identification. Margarethe wrote: 

You are right that this is Lycus sanguineus. That is our spring species, and in the low creosote areas. There is another sp. higher up, and at least two more orange ones with black tips later during the monsoon. L. arizonensis and L. fernandesi can be very common in July.
Some females of L. sanguineus are flightless with reduced wings.

For those who like descriptive common names, the critter above is a Bloody Net-winged Beetle.

Photo by Ned Harris 4/9/2014

And Margarethe also identified this beauty as a Bee Fly. It's a fly, not a bee. Only has one pair of wings.

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