Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Make way for rattlesnakes!

Photo by Wayne Klement 3/23/2014

Wayne's been seeing Western Diamondbacks at nearly every turn. On 3/23, he relocated one out of a friend's yard. (Don't try this maneuver.)

Photo by Wayne Klement 3/24/2014

Photo by Wayne Klement 3/24/2014

The next day, he met up with this one at the start of the Phoneline trail.

Photo by Ned Harris 3/24/2014

Both Wayne and Ned sent photos of this beauty, seen on the main path by the visitor center.

Photos by Matt Ball 3/30/2014

And I made way for this Black-tailed Rattlesnake; nearly jumped out of my skin after I was rattled at. Was curled up under some plants on the trail in Ventana Canyon. Eventually crossed the trail and went far enough away so that we (and several other people coming and going) could pass.

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  1. Thanks. I may not make it to the walk next week after all. ;-)