Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fred finds an oak!

Photos and text from Fred Heath, 7/13/2016

While wandering around Sabino today (7/13) scouting for Saturday’s (7/16's) butterfly count, I came across a new plant for the list: Quercus rugosa (Netleaf Oak). I’m not sure exactly where I was, but I was working my way up the Sabino Creek stream bed, somewhat below the 1-mile marker on the main tram road. Luckily, my camera records the Lat/long info: Lat 32:19:14.9; Long 110:48:34.7.
When I first saw it, I noticed only the leaves, which I know can sometimes be deceiving. However, when I located an acorn out on a long stem, I was sure of the ID.

Underside of leaf

Yes, it's a fruit!

Anne says: There are three other Quercus species in Sabino. Q. emoryi (Emory Oak); Q. hypoleucoides (Silver Leaf Oak), and Q. oblongifolia (Mexican Blue Oak). Hooray!

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