Saturday, July 23, 2016


Photos and text from Ned Harris 7/20/2016

RED-SPOTTED TOADS mate the first night following the first monsoon flow down Sabino Creek. The call is a high trill lasting 4-10 seconds made by males from the shallows of the creek or nearby on land, in burrows, or under rocks. I have been monitoring the flow meter above the dam since the start of monsoon season. On Tuesday night I saw that water was flowing over the dam, so I set my alarm for 0400 and headed over there Wednesday morning. (Anne says: I tagged along at 0530.) Historically, they are found near the two bridges and such was the case Wednesday (7/20/2016). I heard the loud calls long before I approached the first bridge and just followed the calls to locate the toads. It was well worth the trip. (Anne says: Indeed!). Here are a few of my images:

All Photos © Ned Harris 7/20/2016

Anne says: Ned got so many great photos that I decided to spread this toad-ally cool topic over three days. You're welcome. 

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