Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bird Updates

Photo by Lenor Lavelle 3/12/2014

As of 3/12/2015, the 'baby' Mourning Doves were still in Lenor's yard. She writes:

The adolescents are still in our yard! I was just out there watering my little wildflower bed and thought I'd give the Brittle Bush a squirt. When I did these two little guys walked out from behind it. I apologized profusely for disturbing them. Then got the camera and took their picture, using the zoom of course.

Photo by Kris Benson 3/14/2015

Kris caught this male Northern Cardinal waiting for the shuttle. 

Photo by Ned Harris 3/11/2015

Beautiful Black-throated Sparrow on blooming Creosote Bush (Larrea divaricata var. tridentata)

Photo by Marty Horowitz 3/13/2015

And this male Anna's Hummingbird would like to remind you to check out the hummingbird banding in Sabino Canyon. Schedule available here

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