Saturday, March 21, 2015

Monster sightings

Photo by Wayne Klement 3/1/2015

Wayne saw this Gila Monster on the Phone Line trail, before the turn-off to Blackett's.

Photo by Bob Wenrick 3/18/2015

We saw this beauty on Ned's Nature Walk. Compare Bob's photo to Wayne's and you'll see that these are two distinct Gila Monsters. Their patterns are unique, like human fingerprints.

Photos by Marty Horowitz 3/18/2015

After the Gila Monster crossed the road, s/he stayed around to be photographed by Marty.

Click this photo for larger view

In this zoomed-in view by Marty, you can also see some plants : -) Specifically, the developing fruits of a Borage family plant (in the lower left) called Arch-nutted Comb Bur (Pectocarya recurvata). This plant has white flowers that are even tinier then the white flowers of the Cryptantha species; and, of course, the hairy foliage characteristic of this family.

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  1. The second one is great -- such perfectly straight posture!