Monday, March 16, 2015

Two Mustards

Hiked the Phoneline trail, took the link across the creek, picked up Rattlesnake trail, and went back along Esperero. My Honey-Matt photographed many and various flowering plants for me. (And he cooks, too!)

Photos by Matt Ball 3/5/2015

Many plants in the Mustard family (Brassicaceae) are blooming now (and I stop for all of them, as those on Ned's nature walks know well). Plants in the Mustard family generally have small, 4-petaled flowers and elaborate fruits. Note the distinctive spiral-staircase pattern along the stem.
White Bladderpod (Physaria purpurea) mustards (photo above) are on the Phoneline trail and Phoneline link in great numbers.

These beauties are not as numerous on the Phoneline and link trails, but they are worth looking for. The flower petals of Rockmustards (Dryopetalon runcinatum) are scalloped, sometimes tinged with pink, and the fruits are long and thin.

Thanks, Honey-Matt!

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