Sunday, March 8, 2015

Buffel Stations

A multi-faceted (and long-term) approach is called for against Buffelgrass (and other invasives). On the scene last month at the overlook is our photographer on patrol, Marty Horowitz. 

Three Photos by Marty Horowitz 2/19/2015

Marty writes: 

The helicopter sorties from the Overlook helipad on Tues (2/17), Thurs (2/19), and planned again for Monday (2/23/15) are air-lifting herbicides up onto Blackett's so that invasives can be treated up there. They aren't doing aerial spraying - application will be done by boots on the ground. Aerial spraying is still experimental at Saguaro East (Park Service) and not yet approved for use by the Forest Service.

On Saturday, 2/28/2015, the Sabino Stewards (volunteers) dug up Buffelgrass between the Bear Bridge and the Dam Bridge on the west side of the creek. Twenty-two of those giant 65-gallon bags were filled, mostly with Buffelgrass, but also Lehman’s lovegrass, natal grass and some London Rocket. 

Photo by visitor using Dan Granger's camera 2/28/2015

Needless to say, digging out buffelgrass is hard work. And there were no teenagers in this crew. In fact, most of these superheroes are 60+! Kudos to Jean and Mark Hengesbaugh for getting us organized. 

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