Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bird updates, too

I always appreciate updates and corrections to my posts, even though I don't always get them posted right away!

Here's an update from Fred on this post (from 1/22/2015). Fred wrote (on 1/23/2015):

[T]here is in fact a Lesser Roadrunner (Geococcyx velox) which occurs in western Mexico as far north as southern Sonora. Since the nearest Geococcyx velox to us is maybe 300 miles away (as the crow flies) and would require a lot of road running to get to Arizona, for all practical purposes the Greater Roadrunner can be just called a Roadrunner without confusion in Sabino.

A sad update from Phil Bentley about this post on the hummingbird nest in his yard. He wrote (on 3/30/2015):

[W]hen we returned from a weekend in Texas, the nest was slightly askew. The eggs were not in the nest and I found them broken on the patio floor. The nest was a bit precariously positioned at the end of a light branch, so the culprit could have been the wind or a predator like a Roadrunner. Sad, but a fact of life. In past years, we had a lot of fun watching the progress from nest building to egg laying to hatching and finally fledging. My grandkids and young nieces and nephews will be disappointed as we are.

But a happy nest story to end on...

Photos by Terry Garlow 3/25/2015

Click photo for closer view

Terry writes: 

I volunteer for the recreation department in the canyon and live in Sabino Canyon NRA in the RV compound. I thought I'd send these pictures of two Phainopepla babies in a nest right outside my rv. I only found them last week and it looks like they are getting ready to try flying. It's fun to see them react when Momma warns them of my approach from a distance. I love the crests on their heads!
What a wonderful place this is!
Anne says: Indeed!

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