Monday, April 20, 2015

Now for some white flowers

All Photos by Matt Ball 4/8/2015

This is another new plant for me this year. Hooray! Low growing with tiny white flowers, this plant is easily overlooked. You'll find quite a few examples along the Rattlesnake and Esperero Trails. (The tiny butterfly is an Orange Skipperling, one of the smallest of the skippers. Thanks to Fred for the i.d.) Woolly Plantain (Plantago patagonica) is in the Plantain family with the penstemons.

Another photo by Matt Ball 4/8/2015

Desert Phlox (Phlox tenuifolia) is also known as Santa Catalina Mountain Phlox. Look for it in shady areas along the Phoneline trail.

It's time again to remind you to get the best wildflower book there is, namely: Mountain Wildflowers of Southern Arizona by Frank S. Rose.

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