Monday, April 6, 2015

Rarely there

Photo by Roger Rittmaster 4/3/2015

Roger writes:

Mark, Janice, and I saw this Sonoran Coral Snake (Micruroides euryxanthus) among the rocks along the main trail above the dam today. The coral snake is in the cobra family and [its venom] contains the most potent toxin of any North American snake. However, because it is small (13-22 inches), secretive, non-aggressive, and largely nocturnal or crepuscular, it is uncommonly encountered. It feeds largely on smaller snakes and lizards. Although some other snakes mimic the coloration of the coral snake, it is the only banded snake that has red bands completely encircling the snake, bordered by light-colored bands. It is also the only banded snake with a completely black head.

Anne says: Remember that yellow = white in this little rhyme.

Red on yellow, kill a fellow; red on black, venom lack!  

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