Saturday, May 9, 2015

Gila Monster to join Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists!

Story and photos from Marge Kesler 5/7/205.

Marge writes:

I was in the SCVN office (in the Visitor Center building) today with Richard, Judy, and Carol, and you'll never guess who tried to come into the office...3 times in fact. This Gila monster was coming right in until we stopped him by walking out. He turned around and waddled through the plant area in the middle and proceeded to go under the metal plate on the sidewalk across from our office. Undoubtedly his burrow is there. After about 15 minutes he was back again. We figured he must have been heading for a cooler place...or maybe he wanted to check out one of the kits. He sure was a friendly guy. We finally had to close the door. (After all, it was a private meeting!)

Photos by Marge Kesler 5/7/2015

Anne says: Sign him up!

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